The Think Tank committed to the development of Africa

The Think Tank committed to the development of Africa

by club2030

Club 2030 Africa, a non-profit institution, has set itself the main task to put its skills, knowledge and energy at the service of African governance bodies in order to accompany them in the process of emergence which will lead to economic and social development by 2030.
Through its activities, the think tank aims at become the first platform of debate and innovative thinking in Africa. To achieve this goal, Club 2030 Africa promotes the exchanges of ideas and fosters connections between civil society, entrepreneurs, and all ranks political decision-makers (local,national, and Pan-African).
Based on a network of recognized experts, opinion leaders from civil society, policy makers, senior government officials and executives from large companies, Club 2030 Africa organizes meetings, publishes reports, monitors, centralizes and shares relevant information, and finally creates bold partnerships to conduct field actions.

Our mission

The Club 2030 Africa think-tank is a not-profit organization  founded  in 2012.  Our main mission is the sharing of  our skills,  knowledge and energy directed  towards African governance stakeholders  in order to support them in their emerging process. In so doing, we hope that such actions  will consequently lead  to the harmonious economic and social development of  the African continent by 2030.

Based on a network of experts in their fields, opinion leaders , policy makers, officials and top business executives,  Club 2030 Africa undertakes the following activities:

-Organization of meetings and seminars

-Selection, centralization, and sharing of relevant information with regard to the different areas of focus of Club 2030 Africa

– Engagement in partnerships with various stakeholders in order to carry out field action plans.

Our ambitions

Through its activity, the think tank aims at becoming the primary platform of African development school of tought, working for the sharing of ideas and promting various exchanges between NGOs, entrepreneurs, local, national and Pan-African policy makers.

Club 2030 Africa aims to spearhead debates on critical issues such as health, energy, education, and agriculture. Our publications and events are designed to feed the decision-making process which will in turn help shaping a substantial inclusive growth for Africa.